The Plainville Public Safety Facility and the Plainville Town Hall are both undersized and do not meet the needs of 21st century departments.

Public Safety Facility

The Plainville Public Safety Facility was originally built in 1964 as a trucking company.  It was converted to a combined public safety facility in 1973.  Since that time, emergency services runs for the Fire Department alone have  nearly quadrupled (874 in 1973 to an est. 3,286 in 2016), and the Fire Department leases an additional garage space in a shopping plaza across the street to house all required apparatus and equipment.  The building does not meet numerous local, state and federal codes including ADA accessibility, contains hazardous materials including asbestos, and there is no secure separation of public, police and fire functions.  There is also a lack of training space, locker rooms for all personnel, and secure storage.

Town Hall

The Plainville Town Hall was originally built in 1938 as a fire station.  There is inadequate meeting space as well as records storage, and the server room also serves as a break room.  Similar to the Public Safety Facility, the building does not  meet numerous local, state and federal codes including ADA accessibility, and the mechanical and electrical systems are antiquated and nearing the end of their useful lives.  There is also a lack of security and high maintenance costs.

Wood School

The old Wood School currently stands in the proposed location for the new public safety facility.  Renovation of the existing building for use as the public safety facility is not being recommended due to the excessive size and required renovations to meet current codes for emergency services facilities.

For more details on the existing conditions at each facility, please scroll through each photo gallery below.  If you would like to tour each facility, please contact Jennifer Thompson, Town Manager, (508) 695-3010 ext. 11, Fire Chief Justin Alexander at (508) 455-7556, or Police Chief James Alfred at (508) 695-7115.

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